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My mom just recently passed away last october. She left me an inheritance of $10,000. I have 3 grown children ages 21 to 35. I decided to share some of the money with them. $1,000 for each of them. I have a huge college debt as my 21 year old is in college so i thought i would use the rest to help with the tuition bills. I am wondering if i should have shared more. My other 2 kids are employed and making a good income but i am a single mom and strggling. Should i have shared more with my kids?


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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother.  Her legacy was the last way she could show her care for you.  If she had wanted her grandchildren to have a specific sum, she would have made those arrangements--this was left to you.  It is kind of you to give each of your children a tangible remembrance from their grandmother, but that is your choice.  You should use the money in a way that would benefit you and make you happy.

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Being a single mom with your own debt, you need every penny. You already gave them something and you didn't even owe them that. You should hold on to as much as you can and not even let them know you have any left. Kids have a way of getting every dime we have, especially when they know you have some.

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It's your money and your children are self sufficient and stable. You are not obligated to gift anyone with your money, especially if they don't need it and you do. Have your children been giving you a hard time? Did they expect more?