M & D having trble with his recovery

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M & D having trble with his recovery
Mon, 08-25-2003 - 9:29am
My dad had serious heart surgery in February. Torn Aorta. He survived thankfully but was in ICU for 32 days. He is doing OT, PT, and Speech Therapy which initially seemed to be working well. The surery left him very weak and damaged a vocal cord. If dad speeks slowly you can understand him and if he walks slowly he can et from place to place. This however was a very active, very independant man. He is frustrated by the time it is taking for his recovery. His complaint to me is that if he want to run upstairs to get something it takes him 20 minutes. If he wants to go to the bathroom that is an ordeal. The docs have assured us that with time and doing the excercises that he should gain back most of his mobility. He recently was hospitalized with chest pains...nothing serious...it was just for a few days but it seemed to kill his spirit. He definately went backward in his progress. He went back to using a walker for a while has been wobbly ever since (about 2 weeks).

My mom who is a worrier by nature is very concerned and dealing with a lot in her own right. She is the primary caregiver and certainly capable. The wear and tear on her is tremendous. Thankfully her 4 children are close by and we try to come in and help as often as possible but my concern lies in the long term effects all of this has on both of them. does anyone know of ways to cope with this kind of stress, or if there are holistic alternatives. I can feel them both getting dangerously close to depression and i want to prevent this.