A minor whine!!

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A minor whine!!
Thu, 08-28-2003 - 3:11pm
I sometimes get really ticked off with my family. My Mom and one sister live in England. My Mom phones ALL the time and I phone her back. We kind of take it in turns. I always, always return phone calls. I phoned my Mom the other day and she was cutting beans so gave the phone to my sister (my Mom lives on the top floor of my sister's house) anyway, my sister had her grandchilren there - girl aged 7 and boy aged 4 and they started fighting. My brother in law was right there, but it seemed like he couldn't organize the kids, so my sister gives the phone back to my Mom and says she will phone me back. My Mom says under her breath "right!!".

I did comment to my Mom that my sister never calls me. She said "well she waits for you to call her." Why is it that I always have to be the one to make the call?

My other sister lives in Canada. I phone her all the time. I leave messages which she doesn't return. The other day I talked to her husband for about 15 minutes and he said she would call me back! She didn't. One time she made a comment about being mad at someone because she kept calling them and they didn't return her calls. So I said "are you talking about yourself". We kind of laugh about it but it still ticks me off.

Same goes for emails. I sometimes send 2 dozen emails and I get one back. I ask questions to which I never get answers. I am very good at replying. If they ask for a recipe - I send it right away. But when I ask - all I get is zilch!

Like I said - a minor whine!!