Multi-generational Families out there?

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Multi-generational Families out there?
Sat, 11-08-2003 - 10:39pm
Just seeking resources/connections relating to families w/more than one generation under the roof. Ours is not an issue of caring for my parents or of finances, it's more cultural in nature. In our state this is very common, but surprisingly there aren't alot of resources (no one likes to air dirty laundry) so it's hard for me to find others who relate (not that there aren't any, they just aren't saying if they have problems or how they solve them). I'm kind of caught in the middle, being born and raised here with only one foreign parent, many people raised in U.S. society can't or don't take my situation into account w/typical family relation issues. Example: Q: Meddling mom. A: Set firm ground rules and limit contact if need be. Ummm, not an option here, if you see what I mean. Anyway, sorry to ramble.

Any leads/links would be appreciated.