My 3 dd's starting a fight.

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My 3 dd's starting a fight.
Sat, 04-23-2011 - 4:18pm
I was married for 22 yrs to my xh who was abusive mentally/physically & sexually to me. At the time of us spilting up (girls were 18,16 &12) middle dd blamed everything on me (x had so many afairs I've lost count) oldest dd was out on her own & youngest 1 stayed with me.

Two yrs after the divorce I meet my new dh & we were married in Sept '01 (our parents were married on the same day, 1 yr apart--we were married on the same day) none of my dd's like dh. He's almost 4 yrs younger then me, never been married before. His family is so messed up that he doesn't know how to treat people with out hurting their feelings (hes super smart & his comment sense is nil, so unless I call him on it he doesn't get it)

Fast forward to yesterday (i have 3 gks now, 1 gs 7, 2 gds 6 & 3--because of middle dd treating me as abusivelly as her dad I've cut her from my life plus she has stolen from us & caused alot of problems with dh's business) we have take oldest gd Princess Fifi, yesterday I went & picked her up from SIL & took her back to her school for a Earth day fair. (oldest dd has told me I can't speak badly in front of gd about my 2 other dd's, but the youngest dd was bad mouthing both dh & I infront of gd, my sister took her aside & told her to not do that in front of gd because gd repeated what dd was saying to me/dh) when I picked up gd yesterday dh was in my car & gd started being nasty to dh, she told him she was going to kick his a$$. I got right o n her about it. She spent the night with us, at 1 point gd told me "she didn't like dh" I asked why & she counted give me a reason. So this morning I point blank asked dd when she came over to get gd, if dd/sil were bad mouth dh in front of gd? She told me no that gd was still repeating what dd#3 had said. Dh loves gd, he works with gd on his 2 pianos (he teaching her how to play) yesterday he brought things for her at the fair (we call her "Monkey" there was someone selling pillow cases & 1 of them had monkeys on it, so he got it for her. DH loves to play games with GD too. She hurt his feelings when she was being mean to him. I tryed talking to GD about it. I hope gd understood what I was trying to get a cross to her.
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Sat, 04-23-2011 - 6:28pm

I would probably say "that is too bad, because DH really likes you.