My mom is driving me crazy

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My mom is driving me crazy
Tue, 12-09-2003 - 8:06pm
My mom is driving me nuts & I feel so guilty because I get angry. My mom had surgery on her shoulder in early Nov. & will be off work for 3 months. She currently can not drive & is basically trapped in the house.

She calls me EVERY day sometimes more than once. I love her & I know that she is bored, but I don't have that much to talk with her about, especially 2x a day-for heavens sake.

It is causing me a great deal of stress - to the point that I sometimes won't answer the phone if I see it's her calling. She seems to have lost all concept of time & schedules & the things that go with adults who work full time & have families. She calls at 6:00 in the evening when we are trying to get dinner on the table or we are sitting down eating. She called tonight at 5:15 - I had only been home from work for 15 minutes.

How can I reestablish boundaries without hurting her feelings - but it is getting out of hand. I am the oldest of three kids & unfortunately for me, my brother & sister are not as easy to get ahold of as I am. Help - I am internalizing all this stress, frustration and anger & I know it's not good for me.

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Tue, 12-09-2003 - 11:17pm
Perhaps there is a reason your siblings aren't as easy to get ahold of. Have you thought of that?

I would just screen her calls. If she starts to complain, just tell her that you have been so busy that you haven't been around when she calls. Also, you can tell her that you will not be answering phone calls during dinner time anymore, that it is too hectic for the family.

You have to put a stop to this. She can not use you unless you let it.

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