Need advice, opinion about friends

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Need advice, opinion about friends
Tue, 07-24-2012 - 10:03am

Hi, I’m new here, so hope I’m doing this right.  I need opinions and/or advise on how a couple of my long-time girlfriends have been treating me.  I have known both these gals for many, many years, one of whom I consider my best friend.  I have been starting to feel a little “used” and need to know if it’s just me or rudeness on their part.  I have a small vacation home that I own and for the last 17 years, I have planned a “ladies weekend”, which has turned into 5-day long vacation, for the three of us to getaway and have fun.  Well, we have always done our grocery shopping on the way up and just split the cost three ways.  Now one has decided she didn’t want to buy soda, so brought her own, while the other bought her own food due to recent health issues.  We just purchase the essentials since I have some things already at the cottage such as condiments, soaps, etc.  The one gal seems to get upset if we buy something that she doesn’t use or want when we are splitting the cost, even though she can certainly include something she wants and we may not.  I think this is just petty.  She also has no problem helping herself to my soda when she runs out. This year, the one girl that brought her own food and didn’t contribute to the other items she in fact was using.  We also bring up our own alcohol that we offer to share with each other.  Well, one of them who said she wasn’t going to be drinking didn’t bring any, but asked if I had Vodka at the cottage, she may want one or two drinks.  What they tend to forget is if we were renting a place on a lake, it would surely cost us around $800.00.  I have never asked for anything in return, I have also never asked for any gas money for running my boat all weekend.  I think they tend to forget it is me paying for the a/c running and all the other costs associated.  This is really beginning to bother me…..I don’t even get a “thank you” at the end of the vacation.  Only once in 17 years did they both split the cost and buy me dinner one of the nights we dined out.  Oh, and one time one of the gals confronted me that I shorted my half of the dinner bill by one dollar.  I guess she didn’t hear me when I said I was getting change.  She also commented this year when we were dumping the garbage at a dumpster that I should be the one getting out of the car and dumping it because it was “my garbage”. One last thing, financially, I do make more money than both the other gals, but, they both have great jobs and are not hurting financially.  Ok, I’m done, what do you think, is it me or rudeness on their part.