need help plz help

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need help plz help
Mon, 09-22-2003 - 1:50am

My name is Lang NGo i'm 19 years old. Let me tell you about my situation. Back in September 20th 2003 I recieve insurance compensation for the death of my mother. 35 000 dollars worth. She died 10 years ago. Since then I have been using that money to pay for rent. I'm also an ambitious guy who wants to learn how to become rich. So far I bought 2 payphones for around 15 000 dollars. At that time I didnt' tell my father. I wanted to make him proud. Right now the pay phones are doing ok. But after spending 15 000 dollars I decided to invest another 5000 into a business venture. This business venture failed and I lost my 5000. During this time my father was in vietnam. IN my bank account there was left 5000 dollars, but I told my father that i had 10 000. So he left for vietnam again. And now I dont know what I should do, should i tell him the truth that I have been spending the money or should i keep lying , but i dont want to lie to him..... everything i've done because i want to be rich....i didn't waste it.....but i dont want to look like a failure to my father....i love him so much.....and I dont want to tell him the truth...cuz i know it hurts him more than me.....that i have lied to him 2 twice about this money thing...I'm really sad and depressed now....i dont know what i should do.......

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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 9:13am
I know this must be a hard situation & I can't really tell u what to do because I haven't been there and I don't really know all the details of ur situation...but I was thinking, u could either tell ur father the whole truth...or just find some way to earn that money and put it in ur acct and then u would have it after all. I don't know if u work or not. You mentioned in your post that u have been using that money for rent...what will u do for rent money when the rest is gone? If u don't have a job now then I'd suggest getting a job ASAP to pay the rent and that way the money left will last alot longer. I know u may not be able to work for whatever reasons (school etc) or maybe u already do work, I don't know. Good luck with this! Rhiannon
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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 10:24am
There are people who can lie and tell half truths and even fix the situation before anyone finds out and never tell a soul.

Your post makes me think that you are not one of these people. It is eating you up that you have lied to your dad about this money. For your own good, you need to tell him the truth. You don't need to act like a failure. Tell him how you invested the money and why and what has happen. Let him see that you are being responsible for your actions and you do not expect him to bail you out.

Now get a job that earns the money to pay your monly bills. Manage your investments in your free time. Work hard. You will not get rich if you sit back and expect money to do the job for you.

I'm sure that you will manage your money better for now on. Remember, if it looks to good to be true - it is.

I wish you best and please talk to your dad. It will be a burden lifted off you even if your dad is disappointed about the choices that you made.

Let us know how it is going.