Not have family over for Christmas dinner

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Not have family over for Christmas dinner
Fri, 11-23-2012 - 12:09am

As much as I love my oldest dd, I just can't take her abusive mouth anymore. Tonight after dinner, we were all sitting around the front room watching a movie, sayi asked me if we had any miracle whip {she meant to say cool whip} I just shook my head yes (I knew what she was asking for, but I did do a kinda chuckle about what she had said) SIL asked her why she had said "miracle whip" DD claimed she hadn't said that & asked me if she had, I told her that yes she had. Well that totally ticked her off, she stomped off to the kitchen, SIl followed he she is now yelling at him & says your stupid & so is my mom. Ok now I'm ticked off, how dare she! She is almost 34, 4 months pregnant with my newest grand baby {she has been on bed rest due to bleeding} so I've been over looking some of her behavior, but now I just can't deal with her. After they left, I told dh & my sister that I refuse to do a dinner for Christmas, I want to limit my time with her.

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