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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:28am
I just want you to know that I miss reading your posts here on the board. I know this new set up takes some getting used to and is probably hard to spend the time doing that while at work. But you are missed and I wanted you to know that. I hope all is well with your family. I'm sure your mom is already working on you about Easter. :-)

I hope to see your name on the board when I get back from vacation. Have a good week-end.


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 9:06am
Hey Melissa.

I'm still around, I just don't have time to post because Soccer season has started, and it is the last third of the semester. Last night was indicative of our lives right now. We spent two hours lining a soccer field, we went to a two hour karate work out, and then I had to work on a display for the library while DH graded papers. Tomorrow, we have three things to do that happen simultaneously. We are each involved in several more activities, plus kid stuff. It is going to be like this until the beginning of May. I feel guilty even posting this because I should be cleaning the house, so that I can do errands this afternoon.

I don't mind the new format and I think that we will all get used to it eventually. I keep up with who is posting what, and I will be able to post more soon enough.

My mom's B-day was on Monday, and I gave her a gift on Sunday. Surprisingly, she loved it. I talked to her on Wednesday, and had a good conversation because I had drank a martini, and I was offering her free plants. Last week, however, wasn't so good because DD and DS spent some time with her over spring break. DD was relieved to get home, and DS was full of stuff that she knew he would repeat to me. I didn't react and told him that if he was uncomfortable with what she was telling him, that he needed to tell her to stop. I, essentially, stepped out of the triangle. She had sent him a war forward that advocated violence toward peach activists, which DH and I are. I almost sent her a scathing email demanding that she stop sending forwards to my children, but I didn't. On his own, DS sent her a polite email asking her to stop sending him such forwards. I was very proud of him because it took a lot of courage for him to send it. It worked, she has stopped, and he hasn't suffered any adverse consequences for standing up to her.

She would rather spend Easter with fellow believers than with us godless heathens, so she never even asks us over for Easter. I think I will take the kids hiking at Jasper Pulaski on Easter instead.

Have a good vacation. I hope this rain doesn't follow you.