parents good intentions could go bad

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parents good intentions could go bad
Mon, 10-24-2011 - 9:49am

My sister broke up with her ex-fiance (they were together for two years) several months ago.

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 12:21pm
What does your sister say about the situation? Was she planning on attending Thanksgiving with your parents?

In general, I probably wouldn't be happy if my parents were to invite an ex to a Thanksgiving dinner. But I can think of one offhand that wouldn't bother me, but that breakup was many years ago.


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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 4:13pm

If it were me, I think I'd just sit back and let it play out.

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 4:19pm

Frankly, your parents sound nuts to me.

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 5:10pm

IMO its inappropriate for your parents to have this level of involvement with your sister's ex, but really your sister has to be the one to state whether she finds it acceptable or not. Having the ex over for an occasional cup of coffee is one thing, helping him as if he were their son or nephew and inviting him to holiday dinners is another. If his presence would make your sister at all uncomfortable then they shouldn't invite him.

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 5:49pm

I think I would make other plans for thanksgiving.