A poetry challenge

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A poetry challenge
Sat, 05-17-2003 - 8:42pm
How many of you guys like to write poetry? I love to write it, though I'm not very good. Anyhow, I figured it would be kind of fun for anyone who is interested to post some poetry about anything (or anyone ) you like. So ,all you creative types let's go! I'll start.



Yet, loving you is so easy to do


But, what could be more wonderful than the right person to help you figure it all out ? (Even if it's a REALLY slow process sometimes)


Though , I know you'll always be there to tell me it will be alright


But when you hold me, you make it all ok


Yet, I love you more than life itself

And that makes all those hurdles seem very small

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Sat, 05-17-2003 - 11:03pm
Oh what a welcome invitation and great idea! I look forward to reading all the poems you folks can come up with. I love poetry, but don't write much of it myself. Here is one contribution I wrote last fall on spur-of-the-moment - the only poem I've written in years, tho I used to write some in earlier years.

Here you go:

'Twas the night before Friday, and all through the house

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

but throw open the shutters to let in a breeze,

and what's that I hear shaking leaves off the trees?

From Peanuts', From Popcorn's, and CrackerJack's pen

Comes a howl and bark Nearing decibel ten

The moon shines so bright it turns night into day

Could it be that those beagles think it's now time to play?

So I in my bathrobe, with flashlight in hand,

venture outside to see what mischief they've planned

Now prancing, now dancing, they leap at the gate

So happy to see me their eagerness can't wait.

At first so angry at the ruckus they've caused,

I can't help but now smile for the love of my dogs.



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Sun, 05-18-2003 - 7:02pm
That is such a cute poem Misfit! I hope everyone else follows suite, and will let us take a gander at their poems.