Q's about applying for citizenship

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Q's about applying for citizenship
Thu, 07-24-2003 - 10:03am
Alright, I know it's probably a LONG shot but here goes.... So I was born outside of the US and moved to the states when I was 5 - meaning I'm a Permanent Resident and not a citizen. Now that that's cleared here's my problem. So after we got married (5/25/03) I tried to go to the DMV to get my name changed and was told that since 9/11 there had been updates to their system because they are now also a part of the dept of homeland security and that BEFORE I could change my Driver's Licence to my married name I'd have to change my name on my Green Card (by the way green cards expire every 10 yrs) - So I thought that instead of re-apply for a new card which would expire anyway I'd just be better of applying for citizenship...well regardless, applying for either is a wait of about 14 months maybe even longer because of all the red tape....well I didn't know any of this before I started this process and I had already changed my SS card, so the federal gov't knows me by my married name and the state has me by my maiden name....??? I don't know what to do? Moreover, there are certain things I can't change until my DL is changed, which by the looks of it could take FOREVER!!! - Also, and just to vent, the only way to get a hold of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services is to call a "National Service Number" which is piece of junk to get them to help you and everytime I call up there they give me a different version of what to do. Also, the office downtown does not set up appts it's 1st come 1st serve which means last Friday I took the ENTIRE day off work to go down there and after standing in line forever (outside the building mind you in the HOT florida sun) the guy at the front door says that since June 23rd you DO have to get an e-ticket in order to come in?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH - It would've been nice if the Customer Service people had told me that instead of wasting my time taking a day off work and paying 6 dollars in tolls to get there and I made DH come down with me and he ended up taking a day off work......THEN--- the guy tells me that in order to change my name I have to re-apply for a new greencard 1st ($300 and 14 month wait) and then he says he thinks I should apply for citizenship ($500 14 month wait) !?!?!??!? HELLLLO - DO I LOOK LIKE I'M A $$$ TREE - for pete's sake??? and why would I re-apply for a green card only to then for citizenship? The one crosses out the other! So at this point I'm soooooooooo fed up - ALL of these depts (dmv, immigration, etc) are all supposed to be the same dept under homeland security - if they don't know what's going on and they're all giving me a different story how in the heck am I supposed to figure it out?!?!?! UGH! I'm soooo pissed! DH says not to worry about it, but I do - am I going to have trouble come tax time with forms??- I'm not even sure what my last name is anymore - or what name to sign for that matter....Then I got wind that there's this form it's a temp form that says you're re-applying (called I-55) or something and that I have to go down in person and try to get it and that MAY let me get a new DL??? So I have another appt down there Aug 1st and I don't know I hope it goes better because I'm all lost as to what's going on.....So, like I said I know it's a long shout but does anybody else have this same problem???? As if changing your name wasn't already hard enough, dealing with the Dept of Homeland Security is WORSE!!!!!! I feel like writing to my congressman, lol -

Thanks - for letting me vent - I didn't realize I was that frustrated until it all started coming out. I think I need a support group, lol...Thanks for sticking with me this far and any feedback would be appreciated...maybe there's a loop hole I'm not thinking about???

Have a great morning!


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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 3:57pm
Contact a lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing. They can sort out your paperwork and tell you what you need to do. Good Luck
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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 5:06pm
Hi Grace,

I'm sorry for all the misinformation you have been given. I am an information gatherer myself. Give me a subject and I love to research it through the internet. I always feel that the more info you have the better questions you can ask. I did a quick search on Altavista and saw two web sites that might offer you some info. I didn't look into them much but maybe it will be just what you need to get you to the place you need to be.



I hope that things work out for you without too much hassle.

What country are you from? I love knowing people from all over the world. Although you probable don't even remember any place but here. :-)

Let us know how it is going from time to time.