Question regarding bias/favoritism regarding future child

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Question regarding bias/favoritism regarding future child
Sun, 07-28-2013 - 1:14pm
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I think you're expecting too much from the grandparents and that you shouldn't compare the attention the grandparents are giving to the child who lives so close by versus the amount of time and attention they are giving to your two children. If the grandparents all around have let you know that they don't like your rigid scheduling and won't enforce it when the kids are with them, then find a babysitter that does keep to the schedule you'd like. I would submit that if all the grandparents are complaining about this scheduling, raised both you and your wife without such a schedule with you both turning out fine, and you and your wife, after repeatedly having this schedule ignored, keep having the grandparents watch your two kids without you and your wife around, that maybe your scheduling is a bit overbearing and not really necessary--it doesn't sound like the schedule is helping; so, it might be beneficial for you to think about changing it.


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