Thank you and follow up

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Thank you and follow up
Mon, 03-31-2003 - 5:41pm
Thank you for all of the great responses to my post. My computer has been down and finally is back in working condition (yeah!!) otherwise I would have posted last week.

When my husband arrived to work last Wednesday, he was handed an important memo that each employee had to sign. It was a list of things the company would and would not tolerate. My husband refused to sign the memo (apparently others felt the same) until he was able to speak with his boss about it. My husband was going to go in last Friday to discuss these many issues with his boss, but unfortunately his boss was not in. I am praying that they had the opportunity to speak today. I also pray that his boss keeps an open mind about all of the concerns mentioned and has motivation enough to make changes where needed. My fear is that my husband's plight is not successful for one stupid reason or another and things will only go deeper downhill. My husband is looking for another job, although I fear he will end up settling for a position beneath his skill and talent. My husband is such an intelligent man, but unfortunately he does not have a degree despite all the times his family tried to put him through college. But, a job **is** a job and in this day in time, a stable job is hard to find in some areas.

My husband told me over the weekend that there is little moral where he works and the comment was made that "there were no good techs around anymore" for that general area. Needless to say, I was livid because my husband is an excellent tech for this company and has made many personal sacrifices to help the company out. As I have stated, I hate to see my husband leave for a job that makes him unhappy. He left this morning with the expectations of working until late tonight. This is really zapping his livelihood. As a matter of fact, I think I hear him coming up the stairs now (yeah!!)

As a teacher, it is **quickly** brought to my attention when a child has too much homework or feels stressed out about school. I guess I transferred that to my husband's situation and thought that if I spoke up, it would be okay. Of course, these are 2 different situations and I have learned my lesson. I still feel that what I did may hang over my head for a while until I know for sure I have not backed my husband up in a corner.

Anyway, I have gotten to a point where I think I can not type a simple post. I must type a novel each Thanks for the help. Of course, I will let you know if any thing good (or bad) comes from all of this. Take care.

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Mon, 03-31-2003 - 7:20pm
It looks like something good has come from all of this. Your DH is looking at his position and questioning what they demand that he does. I can not even imagine what was in the memo they all "had" to sign. It is sad that businesses do not appreciate the talent that is before them. But there is nothing we can do about it for the most part. I hope that your DH will be offered a position that will challenge him and make him happy. Until then, I must agree, having a job is a blessing. Even if it makes you unhappy, at least you are working and not unemployed. So be thankful for the job until another one comes along.