They're at it again...

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They're at it again...
Thu, 06-12-2003 - 12:12am
Sitting in my living room right now are my dear FIL and BIL (father and son), deep in a very loud debate about the economy, Bush, lack of jobs, Iraqi oil, greed, blah blah blah... Mind you, it is 11:00 at night, and my fiance is in the room right next to them, trying to sleep as he gets up at 4 am to go to work.

I've been in there three times already to tell them to lower their voices, and here I go again...

In a few minutes, the volume will work its way right back up again. {sigh) They get so angry at each other, cuss, threaten and yell at the top of their lungs. One is solidly democrat, hates Bush's policies and adores Clinton, Christian but cynical of religion, and thinks the war is ALL about oil (no other reason). The other is mildly republican, loves Bush's policies and hates Clinton, is a recently born-again Christian who thinks God will solve all of his problems for him, and is gung-ho about the war. These are just a very few of the fuel sources, but there are many more. ANY topic at all is an invitation to a yelling match between these two!

Now, I'm one to enjoy a good debate, but I'm getting soooo tired of their same-old broken records and arguments so loud I'm afraid the neighbors will call the police.

There they go again... BRB

I just wanted to vent to you friendly folks - the solution is just a few weeks away, when we get done renovating the house my fiance and I recently bought. When done, the MIL and FIL will be moving out of our house and into the new one, and BIL will be moving in with them. They can argue to their hearts' content, and all will be peaceful here once again.

Meanwhile, any suggestions to dissipate the screaming matches before they begin next time?



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Thu, 06-12-2003 - 12:36am
I'd say, don't get in the middle of one of those arguments. It will only cause you grief. If I were you, the next time they start arguing, take a walk. Get out of the house and come back in an hour after those blowhards have argued to their heart's content. If it's too late to walk, get some earplugs. You can't really do anything about their stupid arguments, and if you try to intervene, they are only going to yell at you. Just get the hell away from them and hold on until you have your new house. There is an end in sight... Good luck, dear!