Too funny - family, different opinions

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Too funny - family, different opinions
Mon, 06-23-2003 - 2:30am
First, I have a sister who is divorcing and cannot afford day care for her 4 YO daughter, nor does she qualify for subsidized day care. I am somewhat expected to help her out babysitting, after all she is my sister.

Next, I have a BIL who is divorced and has his 12 YO daughter for the summer. Day care in this area stops at the age of 12, not to mention, he can't afford it either. Since I'm the only one in the family who doesn't work full-time, I am somewhat expected to help out babysitting, after all, family is family.


I've discussed each situation with either side of the family.

MY SISTER says that my BIL shouldn't take his daughter for the summer unless he can pay for day care or find alternative circumstances - i.e., take vacation, summer camps, job, etc.

My BIL says that my sister needs to get her priorities straight, sell some stuff and get her daughter into day care.

ISN'T IT FUNNY HOW WE CAN ALWAYS SEE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING WRONG? I know, I'm the same way, though, after seeing this, I'm trying to change that. What's funny is that the circumstances are so similar that it's hard to understand why they can't see the same thing in themselves?