Treacherous Friend

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Treacherous Friend
Mon, 11-25-2013 - 12:01pm

So I have, still have a group of artist friends online. Mostly twitter. Before anyone laughs I know many have become bffs (setting themselves up for instant rappot when if they meet in real life) or (including myself) got lasting opportunities which is a 'real life event'. Like with any online drama I consider this an extended reality vs non-real.

The situaion: Essentially I have a male friend with whom I had trusted enough to share my online (but locked) personal diary. He's very charismatic but occasionally he shared my personal entries without my permission. I suspected this but it seemed mostly with his inner group so it was okay--we are all mutual friends now...except him, who defriended me because... After 2.5 years this fairly famous popular artist, whom I met in person.... Lemme reword this. Can you imagine going to an niche industry networking conference, getting an famous artists autograph, she follows me by lurking on me & my friends twitter feed, she 'poaches' my friend with whom I trusted affectionately  (I mean by telling him only sexual jokes and character assassinating everything I posted), I complain & he defriended on several networks, changes him enough so my friend joins her and they both began character assassinating me, finally through a third party intervention he (my friend) sorta snaps outta it. She still continues. Both are married, and their spouses are annoyed but let the rapport continue. I was singled out (scapegoated) and even though he kinda apologized (the third party was influential promoter whom my guy friend wants to connect--so i dont know if it's true remorse). Obviously I took him off my diary. He never refriended me back on twitter.

It's pointed out in these groups that everyone online is 'transparent' (ie exposing their feelings online) and that quieter people like me are secrative. I call bullshit. Seems more of they are extroverted (and cruel) vs introverted.  They both added some locked twitter accounts after all. This is expecially true if he emailed her some of my private locked diary and emails (regarding her); I didnt get her emails. 3 months later this is still raw for me though I keep quiet. Our online friends are so intertwined now. Some are good people in the arts field. Dont know what to do with him...plead to be refirended, drop him off twtter but essentially lurk b/c he relates to so many of our other mutual friends now. Still feeling traumatized and dont know.