Well it looks like i was right

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Well it looks like i was right
Sat, 07-05-2003 - 12:33pm
I posted a while back about my cousin and that i was concerned about her (see link)


Well i heard yesterday that thinks have come to a head so to speak. She went to visit her mom (lives 2 miles from her) and when she got back her SO changed the locks and said she abandoned him. Then he wouldnt let her in or give her her things including her high blood pressure meds and stuff for the baby. She had no choice but to go back to her moms.

Later he went there and tried to physically take the baby from her.

Most of this stems from his lack of ambition. He wanted her to send the baby to daycare through a govt program that would then allow her to collect some sort of assistance. He would pretend to live somewhere else and they would collect the money. I guess she told him no that it was illegal and he became upset. That is why she went to her moms in the first place.

Our aunt gave her money for an attorney since SO wants custody of the kid. Well he never did anything for that child for the last 22months so i suppose he wants it so he can stay home and collect whatever assistance the govt is willing to give him.

Arrrgghh! That burns me up. Anyway cross your fingers that she is careful and nothing bad happens.

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Sat, 07-05-2003 - 3:07pm
Usually it is nice to be right but this time I am very sorry that you were.

I am so glad that she has family around to help her through this time. A call or card from you will help her know that you care as well.

I am hoping for all the best for her and the child.