What is it with SOME people putting Stupid Facebook ahead of other things??!!!

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What is it with SOME people putting Stupid Facebook ahead of other things??!!!
Tue, 09-18-2012 - 4:39pm

I know that I'm not the only one who gets pissed off with this so here goes...

Get this so over 2 weeks ago now my friend stated to me that she had gotten a new phone numer and she would send it to me......yeah well like I said..over 2 WEEKS now and I might add that she let me know that she's  been busy ..well OBVIOUSLY NOT busy enough because a few days ago...she's on there and gee..you would THINK people that it only takes a few seconds to e-mail me the ph#...anyways this isn't the 1st time that she has stated she's SO busy YET she's NEVER busy for FB...you guys who are like  this are something else!I wish that FB would be gone for 1 week and I would just love to watch all those of you who are junkies freak out over it. I'm going to be deleting my acct yet again but for good this time because you know...in my mind there is NO excuse for this sort of behavior...NONE..and I think that I have put up with it long enough.I tell you.. just let one of these FB junkies try to explain their behavior behind their actions....I mean I had even put up my ph# where ALL my FB friends could see it so if they wanted to call me...they could.She cold have called me a long time ago so there is NO excuse...oh and IF one of you even mentions the word family as an excuse...PLEASE...that's the biggest excuse because there are TONS of people with families on there all the time...I just think that it's sad that some people allow these social sites to turn a blind eye to what friendship really use to be...

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Re-read your post and maybe you'll figure out why she just might not WANT you to have her phone number.  Frankly, you scared me!

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It is very simple.  It is for your "friend" to decide what her priorities are and how she should spend her time.  If she prefers to be on Facebook, for whatever reason, instead of emailing you, it is entirely within her right to do so.  It is not for you to decide that she is not that busy.  At the same time, it is entirely up to you wether you want to put up with such behavior and continue to be "friends" with her.

For the record, I cannot stand Facebook and do not even have an account.  I do, however, agree with San that you are over reacting.  Perhaps the anger came from just realizing that you are not a "priority" to this "friend".

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WOW....why so angry?  Everyone is responsible for their actions and I'm going to guess way before Facebook that this friend of yours was a lousy friend then too.  Sure there are people who are addicted to Facebook BUT what you're describing is anger of what??  Your friend didn't give you her phone number when you asked?  Have you thought maybe she didn't on purpose?  I enjoy Facebook and it has allowed me to reconnect with family and friends and stay connected with ex-employees when we all were laid off.  Doi I allow it to be my only social activity?  NO....because I'm not that type of friend.

You need to quit blaming anything or anyone else other than your friend for her bad behavior.  Calm down and talk to her and see what happens.