When single friend wants to hang out with married couple frequently

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When single friend wants to hang out with married couple frequently
Sat, 03-17-2012 - 5:51pm

I have a single friend who is in her mid-40s who frequently calls wanting to hang out on a weekend night with my husband and I. (We're in our late 30s, no kids).

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She sounds lonely but that's not your responsibility. It's okay to say no and eventually she'll get the hint and will forced to find better suited friends to hang with.

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I have single friends that I hang with but not with my husband. Because my friend is single does not make her cease to be my friend because I'm married and she is not. What I have done is try to set her up with a date asked my husband to invite a single friend or relative.

I make it a point to go out a least once a month with my girlfriends for girls nite out to preserve the friendship. Because you never know when you will need your girlfriends. Most gf's don't want to hang out with her gf and her husband.

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Have you tried telling her that you and your dh want to spend the weekend nights as romantic time or for cuddling etc? If she hasn't been in a close relationship in a long time she may have forgotten about that time together. But if you also spend the time doing things like going out with other couples then could you include her in those activities sometimes?