The whole world is on my shoulders

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The whole world is on my shoulders
Sun, 10-13-2013 - 7:03am

Hi All

I need a little guidance or suggestions at this point. I feel like I have the whole worl on my shoulders. I have a job that everyone comes to me for everything and they demand sometime more then I can handle and when I try to talk to my boss about it it does not good. In my family right now my mom is the caregiver for my grandmother that has alzheimers disease and can be a handful. So when my mom has a bad day she puts it all on me to vent her frustrations and or concerns. I have a bad foot right now so I have been in a walking cast for going on 5 weeks now and can't go do any traveling like I normally do.

How do I get rid of all this stress that I know is affecting my body I know that my mom needs me but there are just times that I wish I could tell her that I've had a bad day and she wouldn't put it all on me. I have tried that but she starts to cry and say she doesn't have anyone else to vent to that understands her. I crochet scarves for charities and thankfully that is keeping me more then busy and my mind somewhat calm but I still need ideas.