At the coffee shop with two PG friends

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At the coffee shop with two PG friends
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:14am
Where is the eye rolling icon. LOL

Luckily it wasnt TOO bad. But there was lots of baby and pregnancy talk. I was my normal happy supportive self.

Luckily we did discuss other things. So i havent lost them yet to mommyhood. And I'm certainly going to try not to.

One of my gf's had her pictures from her sonogram. Yikes! Talk about flipping creepy! My friend took one look at my face while i was look at the pictures and she just laughed.

What was even more funny or hmmm not funny.. is that they were showing off thier "bellies" or the lack of.. and i was like hell. My belly is bigger than yours and I'm not PG. LOL *sigh* *note to self.. really get on those sit ups & crunches!

So all in all it was an interesting time at the coffee shop.

whats even more odd is that I dont drink coffee. So they sipped on thier milk with vanilla and I didnt drink anything.

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 10:24am
Yes! Sonograms are a bit creepy looking...and I can't quite decipher them. I guess if it were in my belly, I'd make a more concerted effort to create a human image out of the static. ;)

LOL about the coffee shop. I used to manage a coffee shop where lots of PG & BF moms met after dropping the kids off at school...and none of them drank coffee. HAHA...we made LOTS of steamers! :-D