Having babies by 25 — or not at all. Two articles to discuss.

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Having babies by 25 — or not at all. Two articles to discuss.
Tue, 11-12-2013 - 1:15pm

This has been making the rounds in emails and social media lately:

Women should start having kids by 25, Americans say in poll

I just had to laugh. Maybe because I'm "old," I'll be off the hook from society.

On the other, non-laughing hand, there's also this recent article:

When Being Childless Isn’t a Choice
Couples without kids have recently been celebrated in the West, but in some countries they still face ostracism and abuse.       

Definitely thankful to live in a place where I'm free to make my decision about having children. People make think it's their business to discuss and criticize it, but at least I'm in no danger.

Thoughts on either article?

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im 28, so its too late for me I guess. What about having a baby as a tween are they better than me?