Shopping for a vehicle

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Shopping for a vehicle
Fri, 04-19-2013 - 11:30am

So the DH and I are in the market for a new vehicle. Ours is not exceptionally old, but it's at the age where things will conk out on us to the tune of several-hundred dollars a pop. We don't have children and both work, so we'd rather get a new car and have the piece of mind.

Anyway, we were test-driving the 2013 version of our current vehicle because we adore the dealership and would prefer to give them more of our money than strangers. We're bee-bopping around on a test drive, and the salesman asks, "So, do you have kids?"

I don't mind this question so much, depending on how it's phrased. We'd been chatting about jobs and neighborhoods, so it wasn't terribly offensive in that contest. I said no, we have a cat. But then he continued, "Do you plan to have kids?" He has a 9-month-old, so children are on is brain. I get that, but I desperately wanted to slam the breaks and say, "Look, guy. I know you've only been in sales a few months and are used to being in scheduling. But here's a tip. Stop after 'Do you have kids?' Because you don't know the status of my reproductive health, and it's not your business."

I didn't, though. I feel bad for the couple struggling with infertility who gets that question later.

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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 3:12pm

I agree. People in sales positions need to understand when they've crossed the line from polite chit-chat to personal and private life choices/circumstances.

I felt similarly when we were shopping for a house. We happened to buy in a neighborhood right around the corner from an elementary school but that was only a plus to us in terms of resale value. ;)