Do you find hubby doesn't pay you enough attention?

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Do you find hubby doesn't pay you enough attention?
Fri, 03-22-2013 - 5:20am

If Woman in your life has one of these andit's glowing:

Pay her more attention, her subtle clues haven't worked, so maybe you'll notice her ON button is glowing


If her light is OFF 

Move the dog over you're SOL

And join the rest of us!!!

You again!!! What's matter Bunkie lost your charm?

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I think my husband pays enough attention to me.  I'm not someone who thrives on attention, though.

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Ive noticed this on and off at times sometimes more the. Others and i do call him out if its been more the. A few days. To check in and see whats really bugging him. Its not like i need the attention but when your married communication is any key. a. We have 4 kids 10 and youngest 2 years, so no time for him to day dream if i cant :)

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Too much attention for me. I'd rather he gave me some space now and again. We have 2 young children so between them, working FT, school FT, etc...I'd prefer to be alone in a bubble bath when I have a moment to spare :)


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cut down on the fun in the bedroom, then when he acknowledges you reward him.....

simple trick for simple folks