I have always thought the women were the sensitive ones!

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I have always thought the women were the sensitive ones!
Wed, 09-21-2011 - 10:31pm

I've come to the conclusion that women are NOT the sensitive ones! I started to realize it through my past relationships, and I noticed it with my parents... my dad, and former bfs always got so touchy and grumpy and... held grudges or threw 'temper-tantrums' when women 'yell' at them or when they feel that they did something wrong.

Men act like dogs that were scolded- they put their tails between their legs and scurry away whining.

My husband of one year likes to 'pick' on me, or what he considers 'love' touches... he will poke me, squeeze me in places i dont want to be squeezed, sometimes 'nibble' on me', plop on me, 'pet' me... these, to him, are considered signs of affection.

i get it, and sometimes it is fine- we laugh and fool around. But sometimes, many times, he is just too rough.

And so I try to stay calm, and just say 'owe, owe, owe' in a joking way, louder and louder til he stops or until the pain gets too much and i have to stop him. I usually say one or a few things like-

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Welcome to the board! I'm sorry that you've come here under such circumstances but hopefully we can give you some helpful insight.

First, the idea that "women are sensitive" and "men are strong" is really an overgeneralization. If you plan on being with your DH forever, it's best that you learn quickly that you are both individuals and it's not fair to either of you to hold you to stereotypes about your gender.

Second, it's not realistic to set forth expectations of , etc

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Hello & welcome to the board :)

I do agree with all RoseAnn has said & suggested,
Do try & talk with your DH & remind him when you say *owe*/no* you mean it.
And that he is hurting you.
Good luck & let us know how it goes :)

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Did you know any of this before you married him?

Thats my only question