Interested in Being a Community Moderator?

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Interested in Being a Community Moderator?
Mon, 06-27-2011 - 10:19am

We are currently accepting applications for a possible future part-time freelancer Community Moderator position. If you are interested, please complete the below application and send it along with your resume to We are now accepting applications through Wednesday, June 29.

Community Moderator Application

Real Name
Email Address
Phone (Cell or home?)

Tell us about yourself!
How long have you been an iVillage member?
How long have you been an iVillage Community Leader? What board(s) do you lead?
Do you have any history of TOS violations in any of your membernames?
Why do you want to be a Community Moderator?
What skills do you feel you have to be an effective Community Moderator?
How would you rate your online social media experience, 1-10 with 10 the highest?
Do you blog, tweet, Facebook or use any other unlisted social media tools/sites? (You don't have to share your names or site, but please let us know what type of online experience you have.)
Do you know HTML or have any other coding/programming experience? (This is not required. You will be trained on the job.)
Are you currently employed? This moderation position is part-time, approx. 20 hours per week, Mon-Fri during business hours.
Tell us about your work experience/history.
Do you have Word and Excel, your own reliable computer and steady internet access?