Is it Acceptable as a Spouse to inform old Friends of Crushes you had on them?

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Is it Acceptable as a Spouse to inform old Friends of Crushes you had on them?
Tue, 08-16-2011 - 5:09pm

Is it ever acceptable for a spouse when reconnecting with old friends/acquaintences by facebook or email to inform them that

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Not sure I this a person saying "I had a crush on you" or them ratting out a spouse for said crush? IMO, either one could be seen as an attempt to make a connection to someone in the past; not necessarily looking for something inappropriate, just looking for something in common.

At my 10-year h.s. reunion, one of my classmates told my DH that he was a lucky guy for marrying me. I told DH later that I never knew this particular person even knew who I was. LOL I took it as a compliment and so did DH because he's the one who ended up with me. ;)

At my 20-year reunion this past weekend, we spent much of the time with one of my male classmates and his wife. Although I treasure our friendship, I have no interest in this person romantically and I'm glad that his wife isn't threatened by that.


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Welcome to the board :)

Not sure I quite understand,
Are you saying your DH told you he had a crish on someone when growing up?
If so .. sounds like it would be ok to me
As you are the lucky one that ended up spending the rest of yoru life with him
Am sure others will suggest so do check back :)

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I don't understand your question - are you saying your husband did this - how many years are you talking about.

That stuff wouldn't bother me - but I am not the jealous type

I don';t see any big deal with it - but thats just me

Why don't you tell us what happened and your ages - if you don't mind.

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Like the others have sort of mentioned, I think it depends on the situation and the context of the conversation.


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