New here (but not to iVillage) Can't wait to get to know you! :)

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New here (but not to iVillage) Can't wait to get to know you! :)
Sat, 09-15-2012 - 4:17pm

Hello everyone! I feel like an old veteran to iVillage. I had posted on here back when I was "dating a military man" (that was the name of the board), to "Not Quite Engaged" (to a man who is now my husband. No, not the military man!), then occasionally on "Waiting to Try". Funny the progression of it all :smileyhappy: 

Now I am happily married, no children (yet), and unfortunately out of work. I felt like I needed the emotional support from ladies again that iVillage always seemed to give me. 

I live in California near San Francisco with not a ton of local friends and no family. Most people I am very close to other than my husband are still in Tennessee. When we first moved here I was doing school, then while I did meet some friends at some retail jobs I had, I was unable to find anyone that lasted at my most recent job that just ended. I had been the office manager of a general contracting corportation for 2 years and it was quite a bad blow when it came to an end quite badly. (The company was "saving money" and cutting back and started treating anyone who had been there over a  year like they were in the way and now most of us are no longer there)  It was really sad. 

Right now I am looking for my next venture and trying to stay optimistic. My husband and I are not going to try to have children for another year, so I would like to look for something until that time. I wonder sometimes if maybe I should just do some occasional temp jobs until next August when we would like to start trying? Any advice on that front will help :smileyhappy: 

Well, anyway... that is a little about me and I hope to get to know you all soon! 


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Welcome to the group Clair,
You know you could look into the schools as some kind of substitute ..
Whether in the classroom or the cafeteria. You be surprised how many days a week one gets to work.
As well as not working when you don't want <wink>
Look forward to seeing you here & to getting to know you better :smileyhappy:

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Welcome to the board, Clair (beautiful name, BTW)! It is interesting the variety of support that ivillage can offer and how we can see ourselves evolve indicated by the types of boards we visit. :smileywink: I started out at Happily Married many years ago when I was one of the few newlyweds and have seen the board, and the women who frequent it, change over the years but I still keep coming back. You're right that it can be a huge source of support which can be especially helpful when you are geographically distant from your real-life family and friends.

I'm RoseAnn, married for 16 years to Robert. We live in Denver, CO. I have a grown step-daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons. We also have 2 golden retrievers.

I would suggest keeping yourself busy, both on the job/career front and as a way of making friends. Seek out activiites you enjoy as a way of meeting like-minded people. Cooking classes, outdoor activities, wine tasting...maybe even something you can pursue as a couple with your DH. I went for many years without any friends outside of family but when I made a more conscious effort to put myself out there, I discovered there were plenty of people open to being friends.

As for the job front in regards to having kids, my personal feeling is that you should use your degree until you make the decision to have kids. Even if you get pregnant right away when you start trying, you could work well into your pregnancy so you might have close to 2 years of employment prior to having a baby. I don't know what your education focused on but almost any industry can benefit from keeping your resume as active and up-to-date as possible. That can also provide you another avenue for meeting new friends.

I look forward to getting to know you here and I hope you'll post back to let us know how things are going!


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Welcome to the board! I'm Cheyenne. Mommy to carsyn(14 months) and jaimee(2 months). My husban and I have been married 6 months this month. We live in Maine near Portland. I also have jumped on my ivillage journey from topic to topic. =] looking forward to having you here
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Welcome to the board.

Sorry to hear about the work situation but hopefully you find something awesome soon.

I'm Dee, live in Canada and married 6 years. I have 2 little boys aged 4 &2.



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Welcome back! :smileyhappy: I'm still relatively new here (been here almost 1 year now, though!). Glad to have you back with us!! 


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Welcome back, Clair! I'm really sorry to hear about what happened with your job. Do you have any ideas about what kind of work you'd like to take on? Linkedin is a great resource for jobs. I joke with my husband that Linkedin is like Facebook for grown-ups (he refuses to hop on the FB bandwagon, but he did set up his Linkedin account).

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Congrats on still being a newlywed! :smileyhappy:  I bet you are so excited to start trying for a baby! I know when I am less than 6 mo away from starting I will just be itching to do it! :smileyhappy:  I dont blame you for being at home. We have decided after we have the baby that I would stay home for a least a couple of years, it's just something that is really important to us. He always had at least 1 parent at home with him so I would love that for our child as well! 

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Thanks so much for the suggestion! I used be on the high school teacher path and have since moved into the admin world but I think doing the substitute thing would be a totally good idea,and something I hadn't thought about in awhile! Thanks for the welcome :smileyhappy:

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Thank you so much for the sweet advice... I totally agree with everything you said. Last week was a down week for me, I just stayed in my apartment and watched TV, so the feeling only got worse. This week I have already twice gone out with a friend, worked out, went on a walk, shopped, and had 2 interviews. It's amazing how getting out there makes you feel so much better. 

I know we are all allowed a down moment, but I am glad I didnt let myself simmer in it for too long.. 

I also agree with what you are saying about keeping my work aspirations going until having a baby. On one hand I had some friends saying to just not work or temp until having a baby, and some tell me I should completely separate the two because eventually I will be going back to work and all the experience I can get beforehand will be helpful, so I think that is what I am going to try to do. 

Thanks for the welcome! :smileyhappy: 

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Hi Cheyenne!! Your babies are absolutely adorable!! Thanks so much for the welcome.