Where do i purchase bridesmaid dress for cousin's wedding day?

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Where do i purchase bridesmaid dress for cousin's wedding day?
Thu, 07-11-2013 - 8:52pm

My cousin's wedding day is coming around the corner. But i am still worried about what bridesmaid dress to buy. It is said from online guidance that we choose bridesmaid dresses according to color, style etc.
Satin A-line One Shoulder Sleeveless Ruching Knee-length Bridesmaid Dress
I like bold Blue Bridesmaid Dresses.Styles change from a-line to v-neck. I am in a between to choose from different dresses. You know, v-neck and one shoulder style is sexy and glamorous while lace is cute and lovely.

So anyone who have advice on how to choose bridesmaid dress is welcome to reply me. Thanks.

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What does your cousin want you to wear? Are you the only attendant? Normally the bride says what color she wants the bridesmaids to wear (to match the color theme of the overall wedding) and a style is chosen that hopefully is flattering to the different figures of the attendants; or sometimes they select different styles that all come in that same color.

If you don't have to wear a dress that matches other bridesmaids then I would recommend getting something that doesn't look like a traditional bridesmaid dress, so you can wear it again for other events. For that you could look in the evening and formal dresses at a department store or boutique, or visit a bridal/formal gown shop.

I think you really need to talk to the bride before making a purchase, its odd that she hasn't told you how to proceed.