Hi, new here.

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Hi, new here.
Wed, 05-08-2013 - 5:09am

Hi there - I'm Jo, 36.  I have been with my current boyfriend/love for 1.5yrs (we have known each other for 18yrs, but only recently romantically, very much in love). In September, he took a job out of state and we did the long distance thing for five months with me in California, him in North Dakota. Even though I visited, the distance and being apart was hell on me and I was so happy to have him come back home in February. After two months being home he has been persuaded to return, so once again, we're doing this. I am not happy about it at all, but after a lot of discussion and knowing I cannot hold him back, I have agreed to try again rather than have us part ways. I can't stand the thought of doing it again, but have agreed to starting out with three months before I make any moves to leave the relationship as I suggested to him that I would do if he decided to go. So, here we go again... was hoping to have this board help pass the time and for support as LDRs are definitely challenging.