Am I being unreasonable?

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Am I being unreasonable?
Fri, 06-27-2014 - 7:10pm

My husband of four years and I have been having a few issues lately. After going to counselling we decided to work on things and after some quality time together they have been a lot better. However, one of the big issues was his nights out with the boys. Other people may not agree with this but still having a lot of single friends we have often had nights out seperately. Whether or not people agree with this is not the issue... 

This morning we heard my Dad had to go in for emergency surgery tomorrow morning. It is a fairly minor surgery but nonetheless any surgery at 60 is worrying. I have planned to go to my parents first thing tomorrow. My husband does not intend to accompany me, he thinks it's perfectly acceptable to continue with the planned boys night out.

I'm furious that he is not showing the family more support. Particularly since we are a close family and he even works for my Dad! I cancelled our visit to another friend's tonight because of it.

Am I being unreasonable expecting him to cancel his plans?