Welcome to our new and improved Marriage Board!

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Welcome to our new and improved Marriage Board!
Mon, 03-03-2014 - 3:05pm

For those of you who don't already know me, I have been a member of iVillage since 2006 and I have been the CL for Making a Second Marriage Work for a couple years now.  

We are now one board, with 2 sections, the upper section currently on Marriage and the lower section for 2nd Marriages. (or like me, 3rd marriage)  Those in a long-term relationship and/or engaged again are also welcomed.  

I only have time for this quick introduction, but I will be filling in the blanks for everyone as we go through this transition.  Please feel free to send me a private message.  I am generally on the board 3 day a week.


CL Making a Marriage Work

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Thanks for all your hard work in making these boards a fun place to connect :)


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