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I love to read and research and, as I do with EVERYTHING in my life...when I am contemplating something, I look to learn as much about it as possible.

So, on that note, even though I am NOT looking to get married to my guy in the immediate future, it's possible I will be looking that way in the future and, if not him,

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I'm reading "The Hard Questions" now with my SO. This book is more for the couple to go thru together. And some have definately been "hard" questions... i wouldn't say this is a book for an individual to go thru but rather for a couple who are seriously considering marriage. Have not heard about the other one....
On an individual basis, I would recommend the series of books on BOUNDARIES. there are different ones for different situations. One simply called BOUNDARIES which touches on healthy relationships of all kinds. But there are others too like "Boundaries in Marriage" and "Boundaries in Dating"... perhaps something worth checking out on Amazon and reading those reviews. Good luck.
I like finding a good book too.
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I've never heard of the book, but then again, I've been married for awhile. lol. I went to Amazon to see what people are saying about this book. For those that are interested, just know that this is heavily Christian based (according to the reviews).

Sorry, no review here. I saw that the book referenced "Are You the One for Me?" now that book I read and enjoyed. Okay, I admit, I can't recall the entire thing, but I know that it was a book to really make you think about your choices. Think about it this way, 92/104 people gave it a 4 and 5 star

here's a link:

Also, I just saw this one written by Gary Chapman. He's the author of The 5 Love Languages (also a great book). Things I Wish I Knew Before We Go Married:

Personally, I know Gary's books are also written with a religious background, but I've read his books and they discuss faith, but it's not something he puts in the forefront (which it sounds like the book you asked about does).

Oh, it says in the reviews that he talks about the 5 Love Languages again. Hmmm....wonder how much "new" information it is then.

Just some books to look into.
Also, if you haven't seen this, check out our webpage, it has a list of recommended books too:
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I've read TONS of books on marriage and I'm not even engaged.

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Thank you ALL for the suggestions!

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Keeping the Love You Find by Harville Hendrix, is more a personal journey, because it's always good to fix the self yourself before you bring someone else in.


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