Getting MORE difficult to post here !! !! --hope it's not "goodbye" ?!

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Getting MORE difficult to post here !! !! --hope it's not "goodbye" ?!
Tue, 04-02-2013 - 8:54am

So.....TODAY, when I tried to reply to a post..........

I AGAIN had to log in...........EVEN THOUGH.....*every* time I check off the box re: "keep me logged in"............

THEN.......what was different *this time*-----

not only did it say "access denied"-----and told me I wasnt authorized to be on this page...............

But it took me to some main page of Ivillage.................................---> where I then had to go through a whole bunch of pages to get myself back to Second Marriage Board..........THEN, **FINALLY** post my reply to RedheadDIva.


(Life is too short for this.....)

Double Ugh.....

These are ****HUGE**** hurdles to have to go through just to post!   -----no WONDER no one is posting here anymore!   If it wasnt so ingrainned in me to check this site periodically and post..........I wouldnt be doing it , either.

The sad thing is......we've been posting of these problems FOREVER (since December at least!).....*and*, I personally went through all the trouble of going through "contact us" back in FEbruary and describing all of my particular (which seem somewhat typical) issues...................and I received NO reply/response.....................................and, ...(sigh), apparently, *IF* something was done about it----apparently it's only making it WORSE, with this "DENIED ACCESS" and redirection page.....

(Formerly, what it did was to say I was "unauthorized", but then it WOULD take me to the right page, and allow me to post.  Now, does what it says it will do----and takes me away----, although it DID let me come back and post.............but, as I say, I had to go through the whole navigation process of finding it again.................ugh.)

Anyhow, it's been great posting here!  

I'll miss Serenity/Musiclover/Starting Over and others if I"m no longer posting here....................hopefully they will get this fixed.........(.but BEST WISHES FOREVER to all of you if we lost contact because it's not fixed Undecided)

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I have the same thing happen to me EVERY single time I go to post. It happened this time too as a matter of fact. "You are not authorized to view this page" and I'm taken somewhere else. I've also typed out responses and posted them only to have the same thing happen...and I loose the entire post! Now, I always make sure to highlight and copy all of my text in the event it happens. I've been on iVillage off an on since's never quite been THIS bad! Annoying...
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Hi, yes it is incredibly annoying.  Every day I have to sign in 3-6 times before it will actually "take."  There has just been such a decrease in activitiy on these boards since the change.  If  you think that the love & sex boards are bad, the parenting ones are worse.  Some of the boards that used to be very active now have one new post in a week if that.  It's disappointing.

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Hi!  I just had to chime in here because I've been having the same trouble and it's so frustrating!!!!  I really needed someone to talk to outside of my family about some issues and I couldn't get on here!!!!  I contacted ivillage and no response from them!  When I'm asked about doing a survey I click yes, and the survey doens't come up!!  The only thing that works for me is to "sign in" right away when I get on the main board, when I see my user name on top then I know I can go.  At that point I can respond to messages or start a discussion.  It's working for me, have you tried that?  You have to sign in every time you come on, but it only takes a second. 


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Yes, the delay before being allowed to log in is annoying as all get out.  I do see that we can now see how many replies there are to a post.  A small fix, but a fix, nevertheless.

I have really been pressing with our CM is the notifications and subscriptions.  Not knowing if anyone has replied to a post is huge.  I would normally be subscribed here so I would know if there was a new post.

Do know that our CM's don't have it any easier than we do.  They encounter the same glitches as we do.  She can't get notification right now, either.

With all of that said, please scroll down and see that we have a new poster below in Ex's and Kids.  She is the light of this board right now and she deserves our attention.

P.S.  Remember that we CAN send priviate messages so we don't loose touch with those who aren't posting. 

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