He Proposed! ... and he proposed and he proposed...

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He Proposed! ... and he proposed and he proposed...
Tue, 08-16-2011 - 7:11pm

Hello All,

Okay.. someone explain

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I"m glad to hear that you & your family are doing well.

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Wow LB that is some crazy news! Glad to here you are in a good place...not sure what I'd do about Florida...I had a very bad experience "going back to the past" around the time of my divorce in some ways it was harder than the end of my marriage...the "love of my life" basically sought me out after he completely broke my heart by breaking up with me 10 years earlier...this was the guy I really thought I would marry, but then when he seemingly miraculously reappeared when we were both going through divorces and I thought for sure this was a "sign" that we were meant to be together he did the unthinkable (at least to me)...we resumed a sexual relationship, he led me on for the summer, and then ended up quickly remarrying someone else whom he had been interested in during the spring semester of his working to complete his bachelor's degree...I could never understand why he went through all the trouble of "finding" me again if he really only intended to break my heart a second time...it just seemed so cruel and this was in the midst of my divorce when I was feeling crappy enough as it was...I know you are in a way better place, but I guess my advice is exercise caution and if you do decide to take him up on the vacation offer go into it with your eyes WIDE open...I'll be anxious to hear what happens...
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Hi LB--
Nice to hear from you !

Ditto on ML's post:

"I"m glad to hear that you & your family are doing well. Well you know they always say when you aren't looking for a man, that's when you find one, except you found 3. lol Isn't it a great sign of where you are now that you could recognize that the 1st 2 guys are just not right for you now & you won't accept something that isn't good for you?"

Also shows that you generally do (somehow/someway) get what you pray for----just sometimes a different time/form/etc than what you expected -- ;)

The good thing is that things are fine and you are in no hurry to jump into anything.....


Keep us updated.... :)
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Holy cow!

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Good advice musiclover :)
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Thanks all for the good perspectives.

Yes, I feel good to be in the emotional place that I am. I don't feel desperate and with the first two, my attitude was this is what I want , what I deserve and I'm not settling. Don't like it, keep walking. Lol.

Reminds me of when I got this new job three years ago. I knew I deserved a better job but I wasn't desperate to find one. And then the new job opportunity fell in my lap. Then when it came time to negotiate a salary, I was in a very good place to say, if it isn't what I need, what I'm asking for then I don't need/want it. I negotiated a better salary and I've been happy in my job ever since.

So I guess I'm in that same place relationally. Meeting the man of my dreams would be great but I'm not settling. The "offer" has to be really good and worth it for me to "move". I'm glad the personal work I've been doing is finally paying off. Good times.

:) Loonybunny