Hi, I'm new!

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Hi, I'm new!
Fri, 09-02-2011 - 2:20pm

Hi lovely iVillage people! I'm Sunny. I'm in Indianapolis. I'm new to the board ... surfing around trying to find where I might fit in.

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 2:59pm
Welcome Sunny!

There are a several of us in long-term R, but not married. You are definately in the right place. Please feel free to post any questions or concerns.

And again, welcome!

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 8:38pm
Hi Sunny--

I'm not married, either. I started here when engaged for my second marriage....but we started living together....still are....about 9 years later, ...and have just kept puttong off the actual "marriage".

ANYHOW....interesting with your artistic endeavers....I'm mid-fifties, ...spent my whole life in health care field and as mom...my kids now grown and gone (sob...)....so have started taking drawing classes.......and really like it! (what fun to draw a bunch of shapes---step back to look at it, and say, "OMG--it's an ear!" (or "a nose!" "a mouth!" "an eye!")........


How much time is the daughter with your DF?

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Thu, 09-08-2011 - 9:33am

Welcome to the board, Sunny!


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Fri, 09-23-2011 - 10:35am

Welcome Sunny!