I need help I know I did wrong But

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I need help I know I did wrong But
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 1:17pm
What happneds is that I have my husband password for his email, I got into his email and found that his Ex wrote to him nothing bad but im surprise she even got the time to send him an email she just basically said that was going away with her son and wanted him to know and also she said something about his last Job in our country which they still owe my husband some money and she said they are about to pay everyone what's owe she know this info from someone my husband and his ex know that used to work with my husband as well. What i really didnt like was that she said she doesnt know why she is telling him about the money cause at the end his new wife which is me and his new daughter which is my daughter not my husband are the one's who are gonna enjoy that money instead of her an dtheir son. I think that is such a stupid comment. I dont know how to feel this woman apparently still hurten from her divorce which hasnt been a long ago. Me and my husband just got marry two months ago and they got separated a little over a year ago. What should I do just let it go i have her email now and im keeping it . I know I shouldnt be snooping around cuase this are the things u get by doing so.
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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 3:14pm
I used the confused icon for a few reasons.

First, I also have my DH's email password. Would I use it without him asking me to check it? Nope, not at all. That's just a matter of respect and trust.

Second, it seems that your marriage came very quickly after their separation. It would be quite normal for the XW to still have unsettled feelings and even anger. She also has the right to express that.

Third, what he does with that money is up to him. If he earned the money while living with his son and ex, perhaps some of it would go to them. I do suppose he's paying child support?

Fourth, I would delete her email. I don't understand why you would want to keep a copy of it. Perhaps an insecurity of your own in your marriage?

Fifth, let it go. It's not worth getting upset over. It's not to your benefit to hang on to something you can do nothing about.

Sixth, I'd probably tell my DH that I'd been in his email account and found the message. This gives him the opportunity to discuss it with you as well as the chance to decide whether he wants to change his email password. Would he continue to trust you if he knew you knew?


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Mon, 05-19-2003 - 4:08pm
You're right, you shouldn't be snooping. You read a private correspondence that in no way affects you, and I really don't know why you're worried about what the ex has to say, anyway. Do yourself a favor and lose that password.