Issues with IRS re: kids & deductions...

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Issues with IRS re: kids & deductions...
Fri, 02-05-2010 - 5:04pm

I am just curious, and since it is a quiet Friday afternoon I thought I would post this.

First, it is acutally my SO, so not technically my problem.

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Sat, 02-06-2010 - 6:17pm
I have never heard of having to get mail addressed to the child. My 14 yr old certainly doesn't get mail, except for maybe a birthday card from grandma. I do know my ex had a problem w/ the IRS when his 1st DW died of having to prove he was the DD's father, even though they were married, & had presumably claimed this girl on their joint tax return. Sometimes people in the gov't can be really dense. I hope it works out.