my brother doesn't want to meet my new B

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my brother doesn't want to meet my new B
Tue, 05-04-2010 - 8:18am

Hello. Tell me what you would do. My big brother (he's 36 and I'm 34) doesn't want to meet my new boyfriend. I've been divorced almost a year now, and my ex-husband really hurt me. But my older brother says he still "loves" my ex - and isn't ready to meet my new boyfriend. My ex hubby left 9 months before my divorce was final - so it's been almost 2 years really.

It just really hurts. My brother says my ex is just going through some really tough times. But I just think to myself - "HELLO - My ex hubby totally SCREWED me over!" I mean, I don't know what to think or what to do! Why does my brother have such a problem with me moving on?

Has anyone else had this experience? I completely don't understand it and it HURTS!

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Tue, 05-04-2010 - 10:15am

It does hurt.

The choices we make in thought, word and deed inevitably return to us in kind.

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Tue, 05-04-2010 - 4:30pm

Like Pam said, it does hurt.

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Thu, 05-06-2010 - 12:43pm

Well, I don't know that I have anything very helpful to add, but did one to share one thing.

When I was still M to my now 2nd xH, his mom and step-dad (who he called dad) separated, both moved back to their home state,