New Husband and my daughter

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New Husband and my daughter
Tue, 05-25-2004 - 12:16pm

Some may have read my previous message about Controlling Husband. I am divorce and on my second marriage, we have been married 8 months now. We live in my house from previous marriage with my son, age 12 and daughter, age 22. Daughter graduated from College yesterday. Two days before, I approached my daughter and said how about a small gathering after graduation for a champagne toast with a couple of her friends and family. She asked if she could invite her father (my ex). I said I would have to check with my husband before I could say either way. Well, a couple of days go by, and nothing more was mentioned.

After graduation, my daughter came up to me and my husband and said "Dad is coming over afterwards to the gathering" My husband went bulistic and started yelling, he is not invited over. My daughter got very angry, yelled back and said, "fine, I will go and tell hime" and stormed away. Then my husband went on to yell at me how I had agreed not to have him over (which was his decision) and started yelling at me in front of my daughter's boyfriend and everyone. He said, I am leaving and not coming back until the next day, that I can find my own ride home. He could have left me, my daughter and her boyfriend stranded at the graduaton. He had MY CAR also. Well, he didn't. Then he apologized and went over to the ex and re-invited him. Who knows what they might have said.

I feel as though my daughter slung mud in my face and then I got it from my husband. I was caught in a cross fire and I took the bullets. In the beginning, I only wanted to have a gathering for my daughter, which turned out to be a yelling fest at me. I can't help but think both were very disrespectful to me and I am very angry at both of them. Am I wrong or did they both act poorly? Please advise before I do something I regret.

God Bless