New Year Goals for 2011

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New Year Goals for 2011
Mon, 12-27-2010 - 7:47pm

This is a tradition for me. I like to set up the year with a few goals. then i check them throughout the year to see how i'm doing. Posting it here will help me stay accountable.

who wants to join me and post your goals here?

also, before i start,

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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 8:01pm
I am not a new year resolution kind of person, however....

in general, new years or not...

I am signed up for a one credit PE class where I have to work out at a local gym at least 3 times a week. Still have not found the magic pill to make me want to quit smoking. I want to want to quit. :)

For me, this is a daily thing.
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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 10:12pm
i dont' do new year resolutions either. Goals are different in that i'm creating a road map for the new year. Looking at where I am now, where I'd like to be and then I start planning how i can get there...

truth is "If we don't change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going."

the new year is just as good a time as any to make a list of goals and set my course.

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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 11:39am

I have to get back into exercising, which is really hard for me in the winter.

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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 3:29pm

Ok, I'll bite go to the gym, even if it's only 2 or 3 days a week instead of 5 and not feel guilty.

walk the dogs enthusiastically even when it's below freezing.


The choices we make in thought word and deed inevitably return to us in kind.

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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 4:02pm
Exercise! Yes, that is a good one. I may try to do this. At the very least I bought those new "Shape Up" sneakers. But i'm not going to lie. I'm not much into exericising ...yet.
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Thu, 12-30-2010 - 1:23pm

Goals for this year:

Move forward with my degree plan, and attempt to finish Spring and Fall semesters with 4.0 average.

Help DD16 become prepared to get her license by March 1st.

Excercise 20 minutes every day

Continue with our savings plan, and maintain zero debt.

That's it for a start.