Sharing TRICKS for posting on ivillage---

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Sharing TRICKS for posting on ivillage---
Sun, 04-07-2013 - 10:17am

OK, so since ivillage itself isnt helping us work through these snafus's in being able to post-----let's post "tricks" that we've found to help us dedicated posters :)

PREVIOUSLY: One poster mentioned that it's easier to PM people than to post

HERE's my "newly discovered" trick--

(I'm using Google Chrome)---

It never "saves" my sign in, so I have to login each time if I want to reply to a thread.....RECENTLY, if I clicked on "reply", I then have to login, .....which THEN (this is the annoying part) ......would log me in on some COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PAGE-----> so I had to go all back scrolling through pages to find "Second marriage " board, then the thread to post in..............ugh! ugh! ugh!

HOWEVER---If I read the thread, then, BEFORE hitting "reply", I do "sign in"...I can log in....(of course, NO , it does NOT save it, so I have to do it again next time also)...........BUT, *least* I'm still on the same "second marriage" page. *trick*--is to "sign in" ****BEFORE**** clicking the "reply" to post button..............

Anyone else have something that's been working for them? 

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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 1:32pm

Thanks for sharing Laurena!  

My only trick is KNOWING that there may be a delay when I sign in and to ignore the "you are not authorized to post."  I have the same problems as you on Chrome.  BUT, Chrome here at work elimates all advertisements and sidebars, so I can't sign in even if I wanted to.  We still have XP here at work and things are starting to hang up on me, not just iVillage.  

I wonder if I can sign in from the iVillage home page????   I know I can't once I get to the boards.  

Thanks again, L.