Unblended Families and Holidays

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Unblended Families and Holidays
Wed, 12-19-2012 - 3:43am


This is the third Christmas since my SO and I got serious, and it's always a hassle because of his (grown) kids.  My daughter (27) accepts his presence in my life and understands that I want him around for holidays.  She is not too crazy about his daughters (ages 27 and 23) but she has never tried to get me to have a celebration that excludes him and them. His daughters, however, who seem to pay very little attention to him most of the year, get absolutely possessive during the holidays.

The reason I am annoyed right now is that the youngest daughter suggested to her father that they should have a "small" Christmas Day meal at her house.  Since the house is very tiny, it wouldn't work out for "a lot of people" so I am not invited.  It will be just her, her sister and her dad.

While I can understand that they would like to have their father to themselves, I think it is rude to make a plan that excludes me on Christmas Day.

Initially they had tried to get their father to go with them to visit their married sister for Christmas but he had to change his plans because of work.  Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see him at all at Christmas.

My SO's solution to the invitation that excludes me is to spend Christmas Day (the 25th) with them, but to find time in the evening for us to be together.  I am kind of thinking I don't want to.  I feel he should have told his daughter that while they could exclude my kids, they had to invite me.  He and I are not married, but we spend most of our time together.  I feel that he is acting like he wants to be with me when they don't want him, but that when they have time for him, they get priority.

I don't do that to him. I've tried to include him in all my family plans, even though my kids are not any crazier about him than his daughters are about me.

I already gave up on Thanksgiving, which he goes off to spend with his daughters and his late wife's family.  And I certainly don't expect his daughters to want to spend all of Christmas with my family. I understand that they want to have their own celebration.  But I think they should have invited me, and I think he should have told them so.

I don't particularly want his daughters at my Christmas Eve celebration. Last year they were not exactly gracious guests. (They were not rude, but they didn't blend with the other guests even though one of my guests is a woman who has a positive gift for getting people to talk.  They froze my daughter out of any attempts at conversation and did not offer to help with the cleaning up, setting the table, etc.)   But they have been invited. It would have been wrong not to when I was inviting their father.  I wish they would refuse the invitation, but it looks as if they are coming. And, of course, my SO is going to drive them to and from my house and then go to midnight mass with them instead of all of us going to midnight mass together.  He will not spend the night with me that night.

Maybe I am being unreasonable and selfish, but I feel that if we have a serious relationship, we ought to put each other first for this sort of thing.

At times like this, I think that marriage (which we talk about periodically) is not a good idea.  And as for Christmas Day, I don't need him to come over at all.  I want to tell him that he can spend the whole day with his girls and I'll spend my day with my kids. (We have Xmas Day family traditions that I was willing to sacrifice/modify to be with him.)

Am I just being unreasonable?



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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:44pm

Hi Laurena and All,

I finally got around to replying to your messages.  Sorry about the delay.  The holidays went okay (with some compromises) except I was sick with the flu, so we missed out on our NYE plans.

The next holiday is Easter, but since that wasn't big in either of our households, we'll work something out without too much stress.  Mother's Day my kids get priority and Father's Day his kids get priority.  The big question right now is whether we should/shouldn't move in together this summer. We've been talking about it, but I am not sure.  I'll probably post about it another day.

Thanks for all the feedback and generous support.


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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:38pm

Hello Starting Over,

Thanks for your support and insight. Yes, I felt that he should have handled it differently, but he tends to be pretty clueless about emotional things.  So I have to take that into account.

As I mentioned in other replies (sorry to be answering so late--Xmas, flu, back-to-work, no time) we compromised somewhat. I just have to be prepared for next year.  The interesting thing is that we may or may not be living together then. I wonder if it will change anything (probably not).

What you say about wondering if you shouldn't just live in separate houses and date sort of resonates. I kind of think that my preferred solution would be a duplex--he has one side and I have another.  We get together when we want to, but we don't try to get our kids and others see us as "a couple."  That's just crazy, but the whole thing of trying to form a "new family" when you already have grown kids is kind of complicated.


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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:32pm
Hi Nightangel, My initial feeling was to un-invite the girls from Xmas Eve and then say I was too busy on Christmas Day to see him at all--but I decided not to cut off my nose to spite my face. One nice thing about being over-50 is that I have learned that acting in anger is not always wise. We compromised and I attended Christmas Mass with them after dinner at my house. Christmas Day I spent with my kids until evening and he spent it with his kids until evening. Then he joined me and my daughter for leftovers from the previous night and then my daughter (who was coming down with the flu and pretty cranky) went home on her own. (I got the flu right after and so we didn't have much fun for NYE--but that's another topic.) I do think that the way he acted about all this is a "warning" not only about possibly marrying someday but about living together, which he and I have been discussing, off and on, for about a year.
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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:26pm

Thanks Musiclover and Kiki,

Yes, Musiclover captured my feelings perfectly--what hurt was that he seemed to be ignoring how it would make me feel. I did talk to him and try to explain the situation, but he just didn't get it. (I didn't act angry or accusing, I just said that while I understood the need to have separate time, I wanted us to acknowledge that this was "time for each parent with his children" instead of an event from which I was excluded.)  But we got through the holidays (and then I got the flu). 

Thanks again.

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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:23pm

Hello Laurena,

Thanks for your comments. As I said in another message, I am sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just haven't been on ivillage much and didn't get to the message boards when I logged on. (Christmas, the flu, new semester at work, etc.)

Yes, he is largely clueless. His  cluelessness is one of the things that is getting me stirred up lately about a lot of other things.  He is the nicest, sweetest man--but not a good communicator or very attuned to people's feelings (including his own).

At bottom, the real issue is that he too is still mourning the loss of his late wife and the way it ended the family he knew. He is a creature of habit who dislkes change except when pushed to it.  He started dating because he was lonely and he was glad to find me and certainly seems to love me.  But he is very clear that his kids are "his family" and that I am someone with whom he is just beginning to forge a relationship.

I am very attached to my kids, but I think I realized during the difficult years after the divorce that I can't let them call the shots in our relationship.  If my daughter had said that she was going to have a little dinner at her apartment to which my SO and his daughters were not invited, I would have told her I couldn't attend.  I realize that my SO's daughter is trying to fill her mother's place by being the one who hosts "their family" celebration while my daughter still has me. But that's what makes it tricky.  For them, the place of "mom" is never going to be filled by me.  But I want that for my SO the place of "Significant Woman in My Life" should be filled by me. And when he goes to a celebration that excludes me, he seems to be denying my significance.

That being said, I agree that it has to be dealt with gradually.


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Sat, 01-19-2013 - 2:06pm

Thanks Serenity for your answer.  It turns out that I spent a lot of the holiday season sick with the flu and afterwards catching up on all the things I hadn't done before, so I didn't get to post here.

I did try to talk to my SO, not in an accusing way but explaining that while I understood that his daughters wanted to do something alone with him, I would have preferred it if they had said so instead of making the excuse that the house was too small.   He just didn't get it.  He really believed that this was the reason. But it never occurred to him to say, "Well, let's just do a potluck at my place" or something like that.

Anyway, I didn't make a fuss.  They came over for Christmas Eve and then we all went to mass together (a compromise).  The next day he had his holiday with his daughters and joined me and my daughter in the evening.  My daughter, who was feeling sick with the flu, was not too thrilled to have him there in the afternoon, but she got over it.

I don't know what it will be like next year.  Maybr we will be living together.  Maybe we won't.  I don't know where this relationship is going, and I think you are right that part of the problem is that to me "we are a couple" is very much an idea that affects how I feel people should view us and yet others may just see that "they aren't married or even living together."

Thanks again for your excellent feedback.


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Mon, 01-07-2013 - 8:10am

Hi D---

just wondering re: an update---how did it go?

BEST WISHES in new year!


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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 3:32pm

So, how did Christmas go?  I agree with the others that you are NOT being unreasonable at all and I would think your SO would stand up for you to his DDs.  I do not understand this in light of the fact you have been serious for 3 years.  I have DDs around the same ages as yours and your SO's and I can tell you we've had trouble because of their immaturity.  

I totally understand how you feel as dh and I have 7 adult children between us and we are a totally unblendable family for many reasons and, especially at the holidays, I think how much easier it would be for us to just have remained in separate households, continued to date, and not even TRY to spend holidays with each other.  As it usually ends up, we have my DDs over and his kids either aren't there or disappear as his DS20 did at Thanksgiving when my DDs were at our house.  My DDs don't even like being around my dh and I feel like I'm being pushed into some "mother" role with HIS adult sons and it's not comfortable to me.  

I hope you were able to enjoy Christmas anyway.  

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Wed, 12-26-2012 - 2:02pm


No, not at ALL!

I would say you are busy, Christmas with your family ALL Day, Afternoon, and Evening!...;)

Also your invitation to them for Christmas Eve I would withdraw.

I think it's rude for them to expect to be included but you and your family excluded. Do not like that after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day he puts you second.

He doesn't seem to be standing up for you...kwim?

So sorry you are going through this...


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Sun, 12-23-2012 - 1:18pm

musiclover12 wrote:
I don't think you're being unreasonable at all.  After 3 yrs together people should view you as a couple even if you're not married.  I don't think his DDs should have to invite your DDs but you should be invited.  But more importantly is that your BF doesn't care that you're feeling left out.  He should be the one to say that he wants to spend the holiday with you.  So he is showing you that you're not that important to him--at least that his DDs' wishes come before yours.  I wouldn't want to get married under those circumstances.  And while I think that adult children might not always care for the parent's new partner, they should at least be polite and try to get along with other people if they are going to accept an invitation to a party--if they don't want to mingle, they should stay home.


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