Values, beliefs, expectations, attitude, and actions

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Values, beliefs, expectations, attitude, and actions
Thu, 10-21-2010 - 7:34pm

Values will set a person's beliefs.

Beliefs will set a person's expectations.

Expectations will set a person's attitude.

And attitude will set a person's actions.

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I've heard Belief will equal Action (or another way of putting it; Action follows Belief)... didn't think about all those other things to tho. Interesting.

this is sooo true... if you want to get to the core of your action (or someone else's) ... find out what they believe!

Also, sometimes changing your belief, and/or getting to the truth, can help correct an action. Many times our hurt actions or bad habits stem from a lie we came to believe about ourselves or others from early childhood. Finding that belief and bringing it to the surface (bringing it to light) can help us to see it as a lie. Then we can replace the lie with the truth.

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I think you can take the line about expectations out, and it still works.


The choices we make in thought word and deed inevitably return to us in kind.