am I NUTS!!?? half my age….

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am I NUTS!!?? half my age….
Fri, 02-14-2014 - 8:02am

I met my "boy" friend about 14 months ago--I thought he was older, he thought I was younger....  I am 57 and he is the same age as my son--29.  My daughter is 33.  We have a great time together when we have time-he is a musician and a student going for his master's degree and I teach--we are both in China doing our thing there-in the same city.  Part of me thinks I am nuts for even pursuing this, but the other part of me has fallen in love.  He pursued me in the beginning and then it became a mutual thing.  He likes older women, I like younger men, BUT is this gap too big to even consider??  We do not say that 4-letter word (love) but sometimes I think we are on the same page, others I am not sure we are even in the same bookstore, let alone the same book!!!!  I know there are not so many details here, but--any suggestions????

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Sun, 02-16-2014 - 1:13am

  Enjoy the time you have!   These emotions are like fine wine to be savored.  This is not the place or moment for doubt, but to indulge yourself in the sweetness of life.  

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