The outline view of individual threads

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The outline view of individual threads
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 10:31am
Hi everyone,

As you all probably know, there is an "Outline View" available for those of you who prefer to view the posts in outline format. However, this new format doesn't have a link to view individual threads in outline view.

Here's kind of a "techy" way that one of the cls figured out how to view the outline of an invidivual thread, and i find it especially useful for a thread with lots of posts and replies:

See your URL in the browser? It should read something like this:

Replace "message.asp" with "outline.asp" and "msg=" with "tid="

So, after replacing the above two parts, your URL should look something like this:

This should give you the outline view of this thread ... this is the closest you'll get to viewing all the replies under one post in a page, hope this helps!