10 things you should do to you sleep

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10 things you should do to you sleep
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Young children need more sleep to ensure health . If not enough time to sleep , your health will be affected in their expression as irritable and fussy . To love your child and deeper sleep , you should refer to the following 10 :

10 things you should do to sleep better

- Let your child sleep in any position they find most comfortable . If your child good posture can not hurt them, then you slowly change your position by rotating the position when I sleep later . If your child's sleeping position does not affect anything , you can leave the same to have the most restful sleep .

- Give your child participate in activities to reduce daytime napping time . So , on the night we will have a long and deep sleep .

- As a parent , you have to arrange a time to sleep and play of children , should always have time for the kids to play and when to feed the baby ... Children also sleep better days , but not to sleep too long . At such times , you should wake you, because if not , we will have trouble sleeping at night .

- Make a habit for me to sleep at a certain time so that when they go to sleep now .

- Choose the color of the bed and furniture as blankets , sheets, pillows to feel comfortable when you sleep .

- Food also plays an important role for children to get a good night's sleep . Nutritious food will help you sleep better . So , you must ensure full dining menu quality and quantity scientifically .

- Adjust the light when I sleep suit . When children start going to bed , you should dim mode so will help them sleep better .

- Do not try to soothe the baby crying at night

When children cry night , parents need to wait some time for black comfort your baby and this will help me know how to order " ru " her . To this habit , parents should be patient , wait 1-2 minutes sometimes longer, fewer stroking , patting and talking to the baby as well. Especially not hold your baby and do not turn the lights on when I cry . If you "sorry" the spoiled immediately or it will create habits for the future , I will not fall asleep , and even then there may always be more provinces .

- Turn off the lights lull : Darkness hormone helps the body to liberate children melatonin causes drowsiness and so you will have a deep sleep , stretching and growth . If the light is too large will prevent the production of melatonin . To light the lamp too often will cause circadian rhythm disorders , inhibits cell activity makes your child or become , grow slowly . It is best to turn off the lights when you 're sleeping .

- Follow the sleep-wake rhythm : Newborns sleep an average of 16-17 hours per day and split cycle " method - sleep " every 3 hours , regardless of day and night . To 3 months of age , babies sleep 15 hours / day , but the rhythm " method - sleep " changed: prolonged nighttime sleep more than 7 hours continuous daytime waking hours much more . Because of rhythm - so you do not sleep too worried that began feeding hungry children when not wake up . Do not breast feeding too much or play too bedtime , will cause dreaming .

2 Things not to do

- Speak to me in the middle of the night when they wake up : Many parents are asleep suddenly startled to see me with wide open mattron . They pampered , talking , clapping think I will sleep . But this makes me wake stronger , more alert , I will " talk" to you and not focusing sleep . This situation was repeated on several days later led to the habit of waking up .
- Eat before you go to bed : Many mothers too rigid for hours breastfeeding , should eat sleep next to bedtime , and force children to eat more cheese , or wake up to drink the milk . Eating foods rich in protein before bed makes the digestive system work so I did not sleep well . Diuretic drinks bladder stretches to make you wake up faster. Therefore , children should not eat too much or too suck it , eat foods that have a lot of water , diuretic before bed .

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