Help for a military wife/friend from far away?

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Help for a military wife/friend from far away?
Fri, 04-04-2014 - 3:04pm

Hi everyone. One of my best friends is married to a navy guy. He's going on his first deployment and she's a mess. Since I'm far away, I wanted to send her some stuff but first I was hoping to get an idea of what you guys wished you had or loved that you did have during your first deployment. Like did you wish you had GC so you could order in/go out or would you rather have stayed in a cooked? She likes to cook but I don't know if that would remind her she's cooking for herself right now. I'd like to send practical things. 



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Hello.  What a lovely thing you are doing for your friend.  

When it was me, I spent a stupid amount of time in the bath!!  I think I had more  baths during his deployment than the rest of our relationship!  So maybe some nice bath salts, a nice book to read in the bath, or some magazines.  A box of chocolates will never be a bad idea!!!  Trust me!!  Maybe some nice body lotion?  Also, why not get her a really nice pen and some paper so she can write to him?  I had a pen and nice paper I just used to write to him during deployment to write letters and it helped me to focus.

Hope this helps!!!